Gone Fishing with Captain Jack Diaz


As a professional fishing guide Captain Jack Diaz has over 25 years of experience fishing the waters of South Florida and Biscayne Bay. His love and passion for the sport inspired him to pursue a career in sport fishing, where he shares his knowledge and excitement with anglers of all ages and level of expertise. Captain Jack specializes in light tackle fishing for Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Bonefish, Trout, and Shark.

Over the years, Captain Jack Diaz has established a reputation as one of the premier fishing guides of South Florida – going the extra mile for his clients by using top quality tackle, live bait, and custom jigs. If you’ve Gone Fishing with Captain Jack Diaz you can expect to fish with a full line-up of custom, hand-made Biscayne Rods with top of the line reels.

As a believer in conservation for future generations, Captain Jack practices catch and release of all game fish, and utilizes other responsible fishing methods. On every fishing trip Captain Jack has one goal – to ensure each client has every opportunity to connect with a trophy fish. If you’ve Gone Fishing with Captain Jack Diaz you can anticipate an experience and memories to last a lifetime.

Contact Captain Jack Diaz by calling (305) 301-5874 or visit his website.

Captain Joe Gonzalez of Funny Bone Charters

JoeGonzalezCaptain Joe Gonzalez specializes in fly fishing and light tackle fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon, redfish, snook, trout, shark, and barracuda in the waters of Miami’s Biscayne Bay, the Upper Keys, and Flamingo in Everglades National Park. Captain Joe has been fishing the South Florida area since his childhood, and for over 25 years his rods of choice have been from Biscayne Rod. While growing up Joe spent his summers in the Florida Keys and The Bahamas perusing his love and passion for fishing, which led to the start of his professional career in 1987.

In 2003, Captain Joe Gonzalez began working with the University of Miami’s Tarpon & Bonefish Research Program as part of his mission to protect the beauty of Florida’s coast and estuaries. He has tagged over 1,500 bonefish, has been influential in acoustic telemetry studies in bonefish movements and migrations, and has been active in the bonefish census taking place in Biscayne Bay and The Florida Keys. In 2014, Captain Joe received the Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award from Hells Bay for his conservation efforts, education of the sport, and professionalism in the angling community.

Favorite Fishing Story:
“In 1992, just before Hurricane Andrew, I was invited up to Homosassa to help a friend chase a world record tarpon on 12lb test. I was on the poling platform most of the morning and I watched as my friend hooked a half dozen nice fish that he immediately and deliberately broke off exclaiming that the fish were too small. As a young captain, I was only used to tarpon in the 30 lb – 100 lb range and having an angler on the front of boat consistently break off so many nice fish was just heartbreaking. Later in the day it was my turn to fish and it wasn’t long until we found a nice group of fish. I made my cast and set the hook into a fish that easily tipped the scales at over 150lbs. It took off like a rocket, peeling off nearly 175 yards of line before making its first fantastic jump. Being such a green fisherman, it took me nearly 2 hours to land the fish. It wasn’t a world record, but I had never experienced something quite as amazing as that tarpon. It is truly a fish I will never forget.”

Read the full article featuring Captain Joe Gonzalez as Conservation Captain of the Month, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Captain Joe Gonzalez has been published in several industry-leading magazines and blogs, featured in numerous nationally and locally televised sport fishing programs, and appeared as an instructor and guest speaker at seminar series and expos throughout Florida. Captain Joe is recognized as a Pro Staff member with the following organizations: Guy Harvey Outpost, IGFA Captain, Conservation Captain with Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Florida Guides Association, and UM Bonefish & Tarpon Research Center.

Contact Funnybone Charters with Captain Joe Gonzalez today to book a trip by calling (305) 798-0841 or emailing.

Straight or Curved?

Photo credit @capt.robdelph #secondgenerationfishing

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Photo credit @capt.robdelph #secondgenerationfishing

Tackle South Florida Backcountry Snook

Photo credit @jimhobales

Photo credit @jimhobales

Fishing the backcountry in South Florida this time of year is full of action, whether in the Everglades, Florida Keys, or bay waters. The Biscayne Rod Legacy Plug Series gives you the confidence to consistently fish mangrove lined creeks and other structures, and have the backbone to keep you in the game once a fish commits. Check out our various models and specifications, click here.

Before heading out, get some inside tips on fishing the shallows on this episode from Reel Time Florida Sportsman called Everglades Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Trout, click here to view the episode.

Get 15 years of guiding experience when fishing the backcountry with Captain Jim Hobles of Caught Lookin Charters, pictured above.

Take the Gulf Reef Fish Survey

Red Snapper caught on a Biscayne Rod and released during off season. Photo credit: @capt.robdelph #release

Red Snapper caught on a Biscayne Rod and released during the off season. Photo credit: @capt.robdelph #release

Help @MyFWC improve recreational data for several reef fish species such as red snapper and gag so that data is more accurate, precise, timely and more in-line with what is happening on the water. #fishconservation

To read more and complete the survey click here.

Biscayne Rods – Decades of World Record Setting

Dr. Martin Arostegui with his custom built Biscayne Rod and beautiful sailfish catch.

Dr. Martin Arostegui with his custom built Biscayne Rod and beautiful sailfish catch.

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping. The IGFA remains devoted to the collection of historical information and artifacts related to the history of sport fishing. Each year the Association receives thousands of applications for the Top Ten Anglers, Lines, Tackle, Etc. The Association puts out an impressive publication of world records each year. You can checkout the most past editions that are free to the public here.

Since 2002, Biscayne Rod has been in the Top Ten Fly Rods and Top Ten Salt Water Rods categories for manufacturing almost every year, leading the Salt Water category several times. Biscayne Rod has been handcrafting rods in the USA since 1948, spanning generations and technological advancements. Built locally in Miami, Florida with a firm commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and our customers Biscayne Rod continues to be an industry leader.

In addition to the acknowledgement of our quality and craftsmanship by IGFA, anglers have set World Records using Biscayne Rods since the mid 1950s. One of the earlier records set using a Biscayne Rod is still approved (according to our recent research)—set by Mrs. B. A. Garson on January 3, 1955 in The Exumas, Bahamas. She pulled in a 13 lb. 12 oz. bonefish in the W-10 kg (20lb) line class. In addition to The Bahamas and United States records, using Biscayne Rods have been set all over the world, include: Algeria, Australia, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Spain, South Africa, Suriname, Vanuatu, and Venezuela.

The top Biscayne Rod record-setting anglers are a family—Dr. Martin Arostegui, his wife Roberta G. Arostegui, and son Martini, with records dating back to 1999. While many of Dr. Arostegui catches were in South Florida, other countries include Bahamas, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, and Suriname. One of their largest records was set by Martini Arostegui—a 62 lb. Blacktip Shark, October, 28, 2007, Flamingo, Florida, USA, in the M-junior and M-37 kg (80 lb) line classes, which have since been retired. Other notable catches include a Warsaw Grouper in the M-Smallfry class at 57 lbs. 8 oz. out of Key West, Florida on March 22, 2002 (retired), and a Redtail Catfish in the M-Junior class at 57 lbs. 8 oz. out of the Kabalebo River, Suriname on December 31, 2007, which is still an approved record to date. Go team Arostegui!

Dr. Martin Arostegui with his custom built Biscayne Rod battling his sailfish.

Dr. Martin Arostegui with his custom built Biscayne Rod battling his sailfish.

Please note: research for this article may not include the most recent catches to date.

Tag a Trophy Swordfish This Winter

207 lbs. #swordfish caught with a #biscaynerod off #keywest with #secondgenerationfishing Photo credit @capt.robdelph

207 lbs. #swordfish caught with a #biscaynerod off #keywest with #secondgenerationfishing
Photo credit @capt.robdelph

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Check out this article from Florida Sportsman called Warming Up to Winter Swordfish for all the latest inside tips from #southfloridaanglers and #expertfisherman!