Miami Wahoos!


Winter wahoo fishing in the Bahamas gets all the attention, yet productive fishing right out the front door may easily be overlooked.  Although catches may not always be as prolific as they are in the islands, South Florida wahoo trolling can be very productive and may provide a more easily accessible alternative.

Whether fishing with life bait under a kite or high speed trolling with artificials, wahoo fishing on the Atlantic coast from the middle of the state down to the Florida Keys can be quite good! If you’re headed out of Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, or Coral Gables, head out to at least 80 to 100 feet of water and look for signs of life, such as birds, color or current breaks, as well as sonar marks.

A good strategy consists of employing high speed trolling of artificials at 12-16 knots early or late in the day, with the first or last light setting in.  Make sure to vary your speed and experiment with different colors and lures as there is no magic number or pattern that will produce in all conditions.  On the initial setup make sure to vary your colors and patterns to determine what is working that day. Our Legacy Trolling Rods will give you the backbone needed for fighting big fish and absorbing the great stress high speed trolling with large lures puts on your equipment.  For top notch Wahoo lures check out Ronnie Schatman’s lures.

Approaching mid-day, switch to fishing medium to large live bait under a kite, slow troll, or freeline.  Wire trace is a must, which will still give you the mixed bag bonus of adding a king, sail, or dolphin to the spread.  When fishing live bait, our Light Legacy Offshore Trolling Rods come into play. Our lightweight graphite rods when matched with next generation reel technology and braided lines allow fishermen to push the envelope with exiting winter life bait fishing. Don’t let their light weight fool you!

To convert that bite into a successful landing and accompanying bragging rights, pick up one of our 3”-4” Legacy Lightweight Gaff and an AFTCO Alijos Day Belt matched for for 20-50 lb tackle.

Resources for additional information and tips: Check out this article from Sport Fishing Magazine on 12 Wahoo Fishing Techniques – Nine pros share 12 wahoo fishing techniques to put more fish in your boat. Finding Offshore Currents and EddiesFlorida Sportsman.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your wahoo caught on your Biscayne Rod – we’d love to share your prize-winning catch with the Biscayne Rod family!


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