In 1948, Karl J. Carman, Sr. and Karl Carman, Jr. were avid fishermen living in Miami, Florida, the “fishing capital of the world”. Like other serious fishermen in the area, they were dissatisfied with the choice of available fishing rods. So they decided to start creating custom-built rods. That decision marked the founding of Biscayne Rod Manufacturing. The father and son team sought the advice and opinions of countless professional anglers and guides in their quest to build rods of unsurpassed quality. This led to many innovations such as KC Blanks, KC Leather Grips and KC Flocked Grips, to name just a few. The lineup of rods grew to include all classes of rods, from ultra-light to unlimited fly, plug, spin, conventional and trolling. Karl Carman, Sr. and Jr. personally oversaw the construction of each rod and were unrelenting perfectionists who would only settle for the very best.

By the 1950s, Biscayne Rod was established as the premier manufacturer of quality fishing rods. As the company’s reputation grew, so did the number of imitators. Our rods have been copied more times than we can count, but their durability and quality remain unmatched. Throughout our history, we have continued to work with many top anglers and guides from around the world to design rods that meet the needs of serious anglers. We have never wavered from the standards of perfection set by our founders and continue to produce rods that offer nothing less than the highest quality, performance, durability and longevity available on the market today.

Although times have changed, our founding philosophy has not. No rod passes through our shop before Eddie Carman has checked its quality four to five times. Some of our employees have been with us over two decades. Our rods appeal to the most demanding sportsmen there are. In short, Biscayne Rods remain the very best rods you can buy. We can build you a custom rod to match your exact specifications, or even repair and rebuild your old rods to make them like new again. In short, when it comes to rods, there’s nothing we can’t do. The bottom line is if you’re not fishing with a Biscayne Rod, you’re just not fishing.