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Billy Baroo Blanks – a series of 11 different blanks from 4lb through 30 lb test, 80% graphite and 20% fiberglass composite for a light weight, super sensitive and durable blank.
Blank spline – every blank jumps into a natural spot under a weight load. Biscayne Rod machine splines every rod to assure the highest performance product.
Coats of epoxy – each Biscayne Rod has 3 to 4 coats of FlexCoat epoxy finish, depending on its size. Every hand coat is applied by brush and is rotated and let to cure for 24 hours before applying the next coat.
Firm EVA – our rubber grips are made of a firmer grip for durability and sensitivity. If you compare a cork grip with our firm EVA grip, you will need a scale to tell the weight difference.
Fuji Alconite Ring– a special type of ceramic that offers strength, lightness, and durability. In fact, Alconite offers 80% greater compression strength and is 20% lighter than aluminum oxide. Also, through Fuji’s diamond polishing, Alconite boasts a finish that is smoother than that of Hardloy. Fuji engineers were also able to make Alconite the thinnest and lightest ceramic ring available today; even 7% lighter than standard SiC rings. 
Fuji Hardloy Ring– Hardloy has offered anglers a reliable, cost effective and high performance solution for many years. Hardloy is made of a special blend of high grade aluminum oxide. This blend produces a much higher compression strength and makes Hardloy a much more durable, lighter weight product with greater heat dissipation.
Fuji Silicon Carbide Ring– SiC is one of the most advanced ceramics available today. It is the hardest and most durable in Fuji’s lineup and because of this, SiC Guides are particularly well suited for braided line. They also utilize Fuji’s diamond polishing and boast one of the smoothest rings around. SiC rings were also the first ever to me mounted directly to the frame, thus reducing weight, increasing heat dissipation and amplifying line sensitivity.
Fuji Silicon Nitride II Ring – is an improved version of the original ring, making it a perfect ceramic guide for heavy duty rods. It was designed for use as ball bearings in jet engines, because of its tremendous hardness factor and high wear resistance. If there ever was a ring built for wire line, this is it.
Graphite - is a material used in many rod components, such as blanks, reelseats, and gimbles . It offers a lighter weight, higher sensitivity and stronger product.
KC Blanks – The KC stands for Karl Carman. These blanks were designed back in the late 1960’s for the deflection, strength and durability needed for salt water anglers. Used by many individual anglers and other top name manufacturers. This series of blanks have been unchanged since the day they were designed.
Maintenance – salt water will destroy every piece of fishing equipment that you own. After every fishing trip, your tackle should be washed off with soap and water, then rinsed off. A light mist of oil will stop corrosion and add years of life to your rods and reels
Matte finish – flat, dull, not shiny, finish.
MH Reelseat – machined hood reelseat. It is a thicker, heavier hood for larger reels. 

Natural blank – A blank that has not been sanded after manufacturing, leaving a spiral edge around the outside length of the blank, which increases sensitivity.
Ring guides and tops – ceramic light, medium and heavy weight guides and tops. Different size rings, frames and shapes to meet the needs of all the fishing rod styles available on the market today.
Roller guides and tops – roller guides and tops eliminate friction on your line as it comes on and off the reel and as you are fighting the fish. Used on conventional, trolling, stand up and boat rods. Roller guides and tops must be maintained so the roller is free rolling. If locked up, your line will break down from larger surface friction.
Slick butt – an engineered polymer product to replace the butt grip, this allows the rod to slide in and out of the rod holder and is more durable than cork or EVA. Biscayne Rod machines wood bushing for spacers between the blank and the slick butt for strength and durability.
Straight Through – unless the rod has a detachable butt or is a multi-piece rod, Biscayne Rods are built on blanks that go from the tip of the rod straight through to the butt.
Wood bushing – butts, reelseats, gimbles and caps don’t always fit the blank. Biscayne Rod, when necessary, will machine cut wood bushing to build up between parts for durability and sensitivity.
            Checks – this is a small thread wrap used for enhancing the looks of the wrapped section which serves
                              no purpose other than for decoration.
             Pants   – this is the thread wrapped over the foot of the guide to hold the guide on the rod.
             Under  – this is the thread wrapped over the blank to cushion the foot of the guide from cutting in to
                             the blank.
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